Harms says union may want to re-think decision on pay

The State’s largest Union is saying no way to a wage freeze proposed by Governor Dave Heineman as the state works through what could be a several hundred thousand dollar shortfall. In fact, that shortfall for the next biennium could be as high as a billion dollars according to Appropriations committee chair Lavonn Hiedemann. Appropriations committee member Senator John Harms of Scottsbluff is concerned.
“If we actually stay on line with being $600 million short of the minimum and up to a Billion, I would think they may not want to keep their  decision there may be a lot of people that may not be furloughed they may not have the opportunity to keep their job.”
Senator Tony Fulton says he is planning on introducing future legislation that would suggest a more reasonable approach for the way the commission on industrial relations sets sallaries for unionized state employees.