Senator Ben Nelson says drastic steps must be taken to reduce the deficit

President Obama’s 2011 budget is under fire in all directions. Senator Ben Nelson says drastic steps must be taken to reduce the deficit. He says right now our nation is between a rock and a hard place.
“We need to keep the economic recovery going and reduce the 10-percent unemployment and at the same time we need to reduce the growing deficit. Looking at the President’s 2011 budget, we need to remember he did inherit a ton of red ink driven by the cost of 2 wars, an expensive prescription drug plan and an economy that plunged into an historic recession and those items were not paid for at the time.”
Senator Nelson is pleased that Nebraska veterans were remembered in the budget.
“Finally, the 2011 budget delivered a major victory to veterans living in eastern Nebraska and western Iowa. It provides 56-million dollars for the design and planning for essentially a new V-A Medical Center in Omaha. This is wonderful news for our veterans.”
Another big concern that often times get pushed under the carpet is programs that will impact agriculture. Senator Nelson says the president has addressed a Market Access Program that will focus on exporting U-S goods overseas. When it comes to crop insurance, Senator Nelson says that is one program he will continue to push for.
“I’ve met with the head of the Crop Insurance Program for the administration and explained this needs to be done in an appropriate manner. Agriculture is always under fire in one degree or another whether it is the big city editorial pages that blast away against subsidies but the truth of the matter is these programs are essential if we want to remain independent when it comes to our own food production so we are not in a position where we have to import food because it can be produced cheaper in other locations.”
Senator Nelson made a reference to what is going on in China where they are recalling milk products that were tainted and products that were recalled two years ago are still on the shelf. He says that situation is not needed here and we need to continue to push for programs that will impact agriculture and that no cuts will be made.