Knife weilding client captured at Beatrice State Developmental Center

Law officers and the Gage County Attorney responded Saturday to a client wielding a knife at the Beatrice State Developmental Center.  
County Attorney Randall Ritnour said a male resident of the center in his 20s or 30s was being moved from one section of a building to another part of the same building when problems developed….
“Had gone into the kitchen and started tearing some things up,he obtained a serrated knife, it was a butter knife, but it had a serrated edge, and was swinging it around, and it just happened there were some State troopers in the area and three responded along with a Gage county Deputy Sheriff.  Once they got there they secured the client then  I came up from my office, they made a determination that they would do an admission to Bryan LGH, the individual was up there on emergency protective custody.”
Ritnour says no one was injured by the knife, but some staff members were struck by the resident.   No one required treatment for injuries.
The name of the resident of the center is not being released.   Ritnour says his office has been working closely with the Nebraska State Patrol and the Gage County Sheriff’s office to make sure that BSDC has the assistance and support they need to help ensure client and staff safety.