Helmet or no helmet – that is the question

State Senator Charlie Janssen of FremontTalking about the freedom he fought for in the Navy, Senator Charlie Janssen of Fremont is bringing his fight to repeal the state’s Helmet law to the floor of the leigislature. Senator Cap Dierks of Ewing says the bottom line is that Hemlets save lives.
“I was here when the original bill passed, I know what has happened as a result of that original bill, the protection our people have with those helmets,  if we save one life because we forcibly wear helmets, it’s worth it to me and we’ve done much more than that.”
Under the bill, riders under 21 would have to wear a helmet. If you are over 21, it would be your choice. Janssen says the state is being hurt economically as he says many riders avoid the state because of the helmet law.