Woman walks enough to equal the entire border of the state

A Norfolk woman has achieved the equivalent of walking around the entire border of the state of Nebraska. Renee Tichota has taken more than four million steps since last July in a state employee wellness program called Walk This Way.
“We really do feel a whole lot better. I mean, here’s day’s when I don’t take my walk. You just don’t feel yourself, you feel a whole lot better¬† I advise everybody to start out slow, go forward and it’ll make a bog difference.”
Governor Dave Heineman came to Tichota’s place of employment yesterday (Thursday) afternoon the Norfolk Veterans Home to congratulate her for being at the top of the list of the 34-hundred state employees enrolled in the program.
“This is an important program that we’re trying to show the rest of the state, that the state workforce,we can lead by example, It’s about participation.¬† It’s not so much how much weight you’re gonna lose, or how much you can walk everday, get people involved in the program, then they’ll challenge themselves and they’ll do some great things like Renea has done.”
Heineman says 26 % of the state’s employees have enrolled in the program. He’s taken one-point-seven million steps since last July himself.