YouTube Videos Show Dad Smoking Pot With Sons

Sarpy County authorities were shocked when they followed up on a tip that showed a 44 year old man smoking pot with his two sons. Sheriff’s Lt. Steve Grabowski (gra-BOW-skee) says they followed up on the tip and found more than 90 videos showing 44 year old David Johnson of Gretna and his 17 and 20 year old sons smoking pot. Lt. Grabowski says it appears that smoking pot with the boys was a family activity. 
“The father really didn’t see any harm in doing what he was doing. I suppose like a father and a son would be playing baseball or playing catch or football or something like that. It was just something he participated in with his children.”
Lt. Grabowski says they were also shocked at what they found in the basement.
“We ended up with about 50 different bongs or smoking pipes or water pipes out of the basement too so they were pretty heavily into it.”
Lt. Grabowski says the internet is becoming more of a tool for law enforcement investigations.
“That is public domain so it can be traced back at times so they have to be kind of careful especially if they are committing a crime and posting that crime on YouTube.”
Lt. Grabowski says when they received the tip about the pot smoking videos, it caused a raised eyebrow.
“Quite frankly when people told us we kind of went into it with a jaundice eye but then we saw what we saw and yes it was there and yes it was true.”
David Johnson and his 20 year old son were arrested. The 17 year old was placed in state services.