Wintery conditions continue

Parts of eastern Nebraska remain in a wind advisory but just across the river in Iowa, a blizzard warning is in effect. Becky Kern is a meteorologist with the National Weather Service in Valley and she says we were a bit more fortunate in Nebraska.
“We do have the strong winds but we don’t have as much snow. We only saw about 1 to 2 inches last night but the reports coming out of Iowa is 2 on up so they are getting the white out conditions where Nebraska was fortunate enough to not get as much snow and so we are not seeing the visibility restriction problems.”
Kern says it is sometimes odd that one county is in a weather warning but the one connecting it is not, for example Douglas County in Nebraska and Pottawattamie County in Iowa.
“That is a problem. We do have to cut our boundaries somewhere and the political boundaries are where we draw the lines.”
Kern says right now it looks like things will calm down after this storm.
“It doesn’t look like any major systems coming up. We do have something passing to our south later this week but it looks like that might stay out of our area for now.”
However, Kern says it will be cold. After highs in the 40’s on Saturday, temperatures will dip into the single digits this week.