Post-Dispatch uses pop-ups to enhance State of State

Steve Safran over at Lost Remote points us to the St. Louis Post-Dispatch’s clever treatment of Governor Nixons’s State of the State.

“…the Pop-Up edition of the State of the State mixed in fact-checking with trivia. It’s an entertaining and informative way to watch a speech – and it helps give some context to the address as well. There’s a good mix of hard facts and humor here. Above the various pop-up facts in the upper right is a counter that tells you how many times the speakers said “Missour-AH” vs “Missour-EE.” (“Missour-AH” won.) The site also carries a transcript of the speech and used that to build a Wordle.”

I’m filing this under Why The Hell Didn’t We Think of That? I can’t believe I’m recommending someone watch a State of the Speech (a second time!) but this is cool. I like th word cloud, too.


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