One woman sentenced in murder near Elkhorn

One of the eight people charged in the murder of Brian Carson near Elkhorn last year will go to prison. 20 year old Nicole Walker was sentenced to 4 to 5 years behind bars on accessory to a felony charge.
Walker was the girlfriend of the victim’s son, 20 year old Ryan, who is charged with the actual murder. Walker also had a relationship with the elder Carson. Both the prosecution and the defense agreed that Walker did not plan Carson’s death. Her attorney Martin Cannon says Walker was told by Ryan Carson the death had been in self defense.
“It was her clear believe that the gentleman had been killed in self defense and she was participating in after-the-fact in a self defense killing, not in a murder.”
Walker did help with getting rid of the body. Cannon says that Walker cooperated out of fear. 
“It is apparent that as Ryan was planning his trip up here, at least according to some of his statements, she was among of his intended victims. The reason that is important to me is that it corroborates that he didn’t tell her the whole story and she was laboring under inadequate information.”
Brian Carson was found in the trunk of a car in a field near Elkhorn. He had been beaten to death.