IRS urges Nebraskans to try Free Filing

It may be a bit ahead of the game, but last Friday was the first day Nebraskans could electronically file their federal income taxes. Angela Kraus, director of the I-R-S “Free File” program, says there are a couple of ways you can file on-line at no cost.
Kraus says if your income is less than $57,000, you can file through the traditional free file, which is a question and answer software. If you make more than $57,000, you can use free fill fillable forms, which are the electronic version of the I-R-S paper forms.
Kraus says you can find out more about filing on the I-R-S website. She says to go to and click on the Free File or e-file logos on the front page of the site. Kraus says filing electronically allows you to get your refund quickly and it helps cut down on errors in the filing process.