Governor Dave Heineman tells us he will seek re-election

Governor Dave Heineman tells us he will seek re-election. The Republican says he will file today for his second elected term. Governor Heineman was asked about the possibility of his running for Senator in 2012 as has been rumored.
“I believe that I already have the best job in America being the Governor of this state. That’s my focus, the Senate race is a long way off, I don’t like to never say never, especially when it’s the citizens of Nebraska, but I will tell you that it is very unlikely that I will run for United State’s Senate.”
Governor Heineman says he’s focused on improving the state’s economy, strengthening education and taking advantage of technology to create efficiencies in state government. Heineman was elevated from lieutenant governor to the governor’s job in 2005, when Republican Governor Mike Johanns became U.S.agriculture secretary. He won his first elected term in the office the next year.