Avery worries about BRAC's next round

Senator Bill Avery LincolnTough economic times in the state are causing Senator Bill Avery of Lincoln to press pause on his plans for a special Military commission to look out for the 50 military installations in the state that could be affected by another meeting of the Federal Base Realignment and Closure Commission or BRAC. The Commission can decide to close certain bases around the country. Avery says there is already a problem in Lincoln.
“The Federal Emergency Management Agency has in the wake of Katrina ruled that our levy is too low out at the airport and that puts the National Guard Facility mostly in the flood plain and that is a deficit that would hurt us in a round of (BRAC) discussions.”
Offutt Air Base makes up a significant part of the state’s economy and Avery says if it were to close the results would be devastating. The Governor is aware of the problems and is assigning the Department of Economic Development to keep an eye on our bases.