Slick roads – roads closed

Travel in the eastern third of the state is not good. Officials in northeast Nebraska are encouraging people to stay off the roads due to ice and snow. 30 vehicles were stranded along U-S Highway 275 between Pilger and Norfolk Thursday morning.
More than a dozen vehicles were stranded along U-S Highway 81 north of Norfolk. There are some drifts 50 feet long and 3 to 5 feet deep.
Other road closings include Highway 36 from 72nd Street to Bennington. Highway 92 from Waterloo to the Saunders County line is closed. Highway 91 is closed from the Dodge County line to Highway 275. Highway 1 is closed from Manley to Murray. Highway 30 is closed from Fremont to the Dodge County line.
The interstate system in and around Omaha is very slick. The area is on accident alert meaning if drivers are involved in an accident and no one is hurt and the vehicles can be moved, drivers are instructed to exchange information and file an accident report at a later date. Traffic is extremely slow going due to icy roadways. Across the bridge in Council Bluffs, traffic was diverted along the I-80 – I-29 split due to an accident.