Demint: U.S. losing focus on "War on Terror"

One of the staunchest critics of the Obama Administration, South Carolina Republican U.S. Senator Jim Demint says America is losing its focus on the War on Terror. Appearing on MSNBC “Morning Joe” Monday morning, Demint says the country needs to renew its attention on national security and step up its efforts to prevent terrorist attacks on the U.S. “The policing is after the crime, when we catch criminals. A war on terror recognizes that we always have to be vigilant, we have to be preemptive, and our intelligence must recognize threats before they happen. It’s a big difference in philosophy and that’s why if we are going to keep out country safe, we need to know we’re at war.”
When asked if he thought ramping up efforts in Afghanistan for the foreseeable future was a bad investment?, Demint deferred to the White House. “I’m going to let the President make that decision. I’m concerned that we are going to go in and out in such a short period of time. I think we need to either decide that we’re going to win that war or we need to get out troops home. The world wide terrorist war is something we seemed to have lost our focus on and we can’t use police to catch criminlas after it (a terrorist attack) happens, we have to prevent it from happening.”