Brown retiring, GOP candidates react

First District Congressman Henry Brown’s retirement announcement changes the playing field for his GOP opponents. Republican candidate Katherine Jenerette says she heard of the possibility, but wasn’t sure what to think.
“This is news to me. I heard rumor that Congressman Brown was possibly looking at retirement, but I never take rumor for fact,” says Jenerette.
Jenerette says she thinks South Carolinians are ready for a change.
“I think it’s dissatisfaction with Congress’ performance point-blank. I think overall people are upset with the way Congress has been handled in the last eight years. I don’t think it’s one particular congressman, I think people have lumped all of Congress together,” says Jenrette.
One Republican candidate who will run against Jenrette, Isle of Palms Town Councilman Ryan Buckhannon, says people are going back to the basics and he sees that as one reason for Brown’s decision. Last year Brown voted in favor of the TARP package which is a Troubled Assest Relief Program that tried to stabilize the market.
“I think a lot of it goes back to spending. I think folks who supported the TARP bailout last year you see a lot of those folks not seeking reelection again. More people are wanting, they want to get back to the core values,” says Buckhannon.
Carroll Campbell III is also on the Republican ticket who released a statement today that reads “As a personal donor and supporter of Mr. Brown’s previous runs for public office, I appreciate the fact that Henry is putting his state and his party first in this decision. I also want to thank Congressman Brown for his service to South Carolina and the Republican Party.”
Brown says he will focus more on spending time with his wife and family.
Democratic candidates for South Carolina’s First District to date are Colonel Robert Burton and Robert Dobbs.