CEO Comments after BSDC is taken off probation

The Chief Executive Officer of the Beatrice State Developmental Center says this weeks lifting of a state-imposed probation period shows that the more than 800 staff members at the center are working hard toward full recertification from the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services. Dan Howell says the announcement this week was a boost for employees at the center.
“It’s always nice to hear good news, but I think if anyone was on this campus on a daily basis you’d find that people here do a tremendous amount of work for the individuals we support.  It’s just nice to be recognized for the job that we are doing.”
There are 184 persons with developmental disabilities at BSDC. The State of Nebraska has been reviewing whether some of those clients can be placed in community-based alternative settings. Howell says the goal is to look at the most inclusive setting, working with parents or guardians.
Earlier this year, 47 patients deemed medically-fragile were ordered to be removed from BSDC, by the states chief medical officer. Howell says a few have returned to the center, though he did not have an exact figure. In the past, BSDC has seen significant turnover in direct care staff positions but Howell says that?s been improving.
State officials are hoping to regain federal certification for Medicaid funding, sometime in 2011.