Right to life group is glad they stood behind Nelson

Senator Ben Nelson’s stance on keeping abortion language out of the health care reform bill continues to please Nebraska Right to Life. Julie Schmidt-Albin of the pro-life organization tells us that the way the health care bill has been written, federal funding of abortion became the default position in Washington.
“And then those that have a moral objection to that, have to opt out as if they are conscientious objectors, you know that just flies in the face of Hyde (amendment) as well as the public sentiments that are so strong against the public funding and subsidy of abortion in this country.”
Julie Schmidt-Albin says Nelson’s refusal to vote cloture on the debate in the senate is consistent with Nelson’s long-time pro-life position. She tells us that his words Thursday justify their group’s endorsement of Nelson over Republican Pete Ricketts in the 2006 senate race.