Sidney animal lover pushes for anti-cruelty law

A Sidney woman is taking her anti-animal cruelty crusade to the state level. Kathy Foster has seen enough of dog owners keeping their animals chained up outside, while neglected, deprived of food, water, and adequate shelter especially during our recent bitter cold spell.
She’s seen dogs left exposed to wind chills dipping below zero with water pails frozen solid. After approaching officials with the City of Sidney, Cheyenne County Commissioners and the County Attorney’s Office and not getting anywhere, Foster says it’s time to contact state senators and the Nebraska Humane Society regarding state statutes on animal cruelty.
She says one of her goals is to see anti-tethering laws force dog owners to live on the same property as the animal. Foster is a member of a local animal rescue organization but is taking on this task as a private citizen and doesn’t plan to stop until changes are made.
Thanks to Dave Collins, KSID, Sidney