Carl says if Suh doesn't win, it's "a disgrace."

13-12 was the final in the Big 12 championship game against Texas. We know about the Huskers’ offensive struggles. I really felt when the Huskers came away with just two field goals on their first three possessions off of two Colt McCoy interceptions, NU may have let their best chance to win the game right there get away. Bo Pelini said it would have been nice to get at least one touchdown, but what was done was done.
Is there a better defense in the country? I said on the Friday the key would be making Colt McCoy uncomfortable. Carl Pelini explains how the defense did that by taking advantage of an undersized Texas defensive line. He wanted his front four to take the Horns line head on.
Ndamukong Suh had 12 tackles, 10 solos, seven for loss, plus four and a half sacks. He’s going to win every major defensive award he is up for. Bo didn’t want to get too specific on the Heisman talk, but his brother
Carl didn’t mince any words when he came to Suh’s comments on the Heisman, saying if Suh doesn’t win, it would be “a disgrace.”
The Huskers are headed to the Holiday Bowl on December 30th where they will face Arizona. It will be another of the Pelini vs. the Stoops matchup. Mike Stoops is the head coach for the Wildcats who finished in a tie for second in the Pac 10. The Huskers appeared in the Holiday Bowl in 1998 losing to Arizona 23-20.
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