Nebraska fruitcake goes national

A local maker of bakery goods will be getting some national TV time. Beatrice Bakery the maker of Grandma’s Fruitcake is being featured on The Food Network’s Unwrapped program, this month. Greg Leech is President of Beatrice Bakery.
Leech says his company hasn’t seen the final produced segment to be aired. It’s expected to focus on the bakery’s famous fruitcake a food item that sometimes gets a bad rap and has been the subject of jokes over the years.
Leech says the economy has soured somewhat this year, but the publicity the company will gain doesn’t hurt.
Beatrice Bakery employs 43. Leech says layoffs have affected some production workers more than usual this year, but he says the company is looking for better times next year.
The segment on the company will be aired on The Food Network Friday at nine P.M. central time. It will air again on December 10th at 9 pm on the 13th at five pm and on December 21st, at eight pm.