Huskers set to jet to Dallas

We’re on the eve of the Big 12 title game between the Huskers and 3rd ranked Texas Longhorns. I know it’s a cliché, but the team that wins the turnover battle uses wins the game. Head coach Bo Pelini sees nothing different with this game. It’s a facet of the game head coach Bo Pelini says they’ve gotten better with on both sides of the ball and expects the Huskers to get better at this week.
I applaud Pelini and his staff for trying to keep everything as normal as possible this week, but it’s hard not to imagine a great emphasis being placed on this game, playing the #3 team in the nation, in their home state, inside that $1.2 billion stadium. However, football teams and players are creatures of habit and so Pelini hasn’t changed much in the prep for this game.
Yesterday, I shared the comments of defensive coordinator Carl Pelini and offensive line coach Barney Cotton who said they didn’t care where they were playing the game and didn’t see a walk through necessary, but Bo said yes, the players will have a walk through on the field today.
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