Pelini not happy after win, but I say cut some slack

It wasn’t a clean game by Nebraska, but as a fan, don’t be too concerned with Friday’s effort against Colorado. 28-20 the final. First, Boulder is always a difficult place to play. Second, this game, and let’s be honest doesn’t mean much in the grand scheme of things. The game that matters is this Saturday against Texas, but there are still a lot of great things that came out of this game which was a win.
Good special teams play, thanks in part to the punt return for a touchdown from Niles Paul. Head coach Bo Pelini said that was huge.
There was the defensive touchdown by Matt O’Hanlon. Hanlon talks about the new “Diesel” defense the Huskers used against CU.  How about the 100 yards rushing from freshmen Rex Burkhead? Offensive coordinator Shawn Watson talks about how important Burkhead’s return is to the team.  You can’t forget the touchdown catch from Ben Cotton. On that play Cotton talks about how the Huskers were ready for any CU showed them on that play. Plus, I don’t know how they do it, but the defense bends, but doesn’t break. Three times in the second half, the Buffs were inside the red zone and came away with no points.
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