Nebraskans seek out values

With another economically troubled holiday rapidly approaching, Nebraskans are looking for values this shopping season. Shopping expert Steve Kemble says if people are spending their hard earned money, they do want the best.
“People are looking for quality items. Another big thing is a double duty gift. If you are thinking about buying your child a toy, why not buy them a toy that comes with an educational book that you can read to them.”
Kemble says shoppers are more practical this year than in years past.
“Whether it be cooking appliances. Whether it be electronics. Anything for the home is a hot item this year.”
Kemble says there are ways to save big bucks. He says there is no shame in buying last year’s model of t-TV’s, I-pods, cell phones etc.
“The item that hot last year, that is still relevant this year, you can get unbelievable prices. We have seen up to 70-percent off.”
He also suggests subscribing to your local mall’s mailing list. That way you find out the hottest deals and alerted to any upcoming sales.
There is one word of warning this year. Retailers were conservative this year and purchased less so once they are out, they likely will be out until after Christmas. That means those great buys right before the holiday will be a bit more limited this year.