Next impeachment meeting debates Sanford air travel

Gov. Sanford in Buenos Aires 6/26/08

Tuesday, a South Carolina House of Representatives ad hoc impeachment committee will debate on what they found in a 1300 page State Ethics Commission report. That report led to 37 ethics charges against Gov. Mark Sanford in a separate investigation of his travel spending.  For more, read article: McMaster reviewing ethics report on governor. 
Impeachment panel members were told to review the exhaustive report over the Thanksgiving weekend. Rep. James Smith (D-Richland) said he planned to do so, “from cover to cover.”
The Sanford legal team issued this statement after topic was set for Tuesday:

 “Specifically, in next week’s Committee hearings on air travel, it’s important to note that nearly half the Ethics Commissions’ findings dealt with upgrades to business class on overseas economic development flights. Yet this has been the long-standing and Legislative Audit Council approved behavior of past governors, Commerce Department staff and even legislators for the last 30 years.”