Burkhead hopes to see action today

Hope you had a great Thanksgiving, now we’ll have leftovers while we watch the Huskers and Buffaloes today. A player I’m intriqued with is the return of freshmen running back Rex Burkhead. Offensive coordinator Shawn Watson says Burkhead will be more active this week. Burkhead agrees with Watson that his legs are pretty fresh.
When Rex got hurt in practice after the Missouri game, he says it was tough turning to a cheerleader while he waited for his foot to heal.
Rex is not trying to get his hopes up too high about seeing a lot of action this week, but one thing for sure, tt hasn’t been too difficult for him to get back into the flow of the offense, not much has changed as far as philosophy of the offense.
You know how head coach Bo Pelini said no talk about Texas until after this game, but the native of the Lone Star State admits, it was tough this week for him to not think about the Big 12 title game in Dallas.
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