Mayor thanks media, Amber Alert system

Dad, mom, abducted infantA 1-month-old infant, Angel Miguel Perez, is now back in the arms of his mother and father after being abducted at a North Charleston Post Office. North Charleston Mayor Keith Summey says thanks to the media, the Amber Alert system, and members of law enforcement agencies across the state, the baby is now safe. “It was truly a team effort to make this happen. This was something that’s horrible to happen in any community, and right here at Thanksgiving we were so upset to what was happening in our community,” says Summey.
Mayor Summey says when members of the community join together, they save lives.
Mayor Keith Summey holds returned infant“But I can tell ya right now, this is what happens when law enforcement comes together, and works together, but there’s another element that we left out. That’s the general public, because thank you to the media, thank you for the Amber Alert program, we got information to help lead to the recovery of this child,” says Summey.
The mother left the baby in the car while running inside to a post office, and it was then when the kidnapping occurred. Andrea Samone Walker, 19, is arrested and charged with kidnapping. No word on why she took Perez. The investigation is ongoing.Suspect Andrea Samone Walker