Rep. Simrill: There are two Mark Sanfords

An investigation report released Monday by the State Ethics Commission showed the governor facing 37 charges for using state aircraft for personal and political use. This information will play into an impeachment resolution considered today at the Statehouse. State Representative Gary Simrill sponsored that resolution and spoke with ABC News.
“There are two Mark Sanfords. There’s the Mark Sanford who talked about being a penny pincher and talked about flying coach. Then there was the real Mark Sanford that not only reimbursed himself when he shouldn’t have, but flew first class,” says Simrill.
The four Republicans who co-sponsored the impeachment resolution contend Sanford was derelict in his duty and wrong to mislead staffers into thinking he was hiking the Appalachian Trail, when in reality he was in Argentina with his mistress. Today’s debate is strictly on the five-day absence the governor had in June, it does not entail the Ethics Commission’s report that was released yesterday.