Newberry County authorities surprised by drive-by shooting

An uncharacteristic drive-by shooting in a Newberry County neighborhood has the sheriff’s office asking for help.
Major Todd Johnson says the drive targeted a home near Prosperity Tuesday morning.  “A woman and her two teenage children were inside the home,” said Johnson.  “At least five rounds from a pistol struck the home.”
A substantial reward is being offered for information in this case.  Johnson said a drive-by shooting is highly unusual for the rural county–almost unheard of.
A deputy sheriff was in the general area and arrived on scene in 3 minutes; however, the vehicle had already fled the area and no one got a description.
Johnson says Newberry County authorities need the public’s help in solving the case.  “Maybe someone saw something that they can tell us,” said Johnson.  “Or these suspects may go back and brag about having done this.”