Executive Director of Nebraska's Foster Care Review Board under fire

Federal officials have filed a complaint, asking that the longtime executive director of Nebraska’s Foster Care Review Board be fired. The U.S. Office of Special Counsel says their investigation determined Carol Stitt engaged in prohibited political activity. Stitt tells us that they attended an Osborne for governor event because she felt it was an opportunity for families to meet Osborne who was talking about foster care at the time.
“And I saw it basically as a way for him to hear about more of the struggles in the system and you know help with whatever he was trying to do in reforming the foster care system.”
A state audit previously disclosed that Stitt may have asked a staff member to send, during work hours, invitations to the Osborne campaign event in 2006. The federal investigation also found that Stitt invited foster care families to attend the political fundraiser. The board receives federal funds and must abide by federal rules.