Governor releases full ethics investigative report to public

Gov. Mark Sanford

The South Carolina Ethics Commission today released its list of  37 specific allegations against Gov. Mark Sanford. This report fleshes out for the public the panel’s summary findings which led to “probable cause” to hold a formal hearing on his travel spending.  The report says the hearing will be held “at a later date at 12:30 p.m.” at the offices of the state Ethics Commission.
Ethics Commission summary list of allegations (PDF)
Commission’s report/documents provided to the House
(PDF – 1388 pages)
The infractions include Sanford’s use of the state plane to attend his son’s sporting events and a trip to Myrtle Beach’s Hard Rock Park. Also listed are repeated upgrades from coach to business class airline tickets when the governor flew overseas. He has stated in the past that he did so because of back problems.
Sanford attorney Butch Bowers, late Monday evening, issued the following statement:

“On behalf of Governor Sanford, we have decided to make public the Ethics Commission’s investigative report in its entirety, which we provided to Speaker Harrell and Chairman Harrison earlier this afternoon as part of our ongoing efforts to fully cooperate with the House of Representatives.  We look forward to working with the House as we move forward with this process, and we believe that once all of the facts have been considered, it will once again confirm that Governor Sanford and his administration have been good stewards for the taxpayers of South Carolina.”

This release comes as the S.C. House Judiciary subcommittee prepares to meet Tuesday to consider a resolution to impeach the governor. House Speaker Bobby Harrell has stated that the findings of the state Ethics Commission would be integral in that proceeding.