Citadel astronaut welcomes new baby

The first Citadel graduate to spacewalk has welcomed a new addition to his family, from space. For now, astronaut Randy Bresnik may be 220 miles outside of the planet, but when he returns he has new baby girl that just made her way into the world.
“Getting to see my wife for the first time. There’s nothing more beautiful than being outside. But, I think once I get to see the pictures today of our new daughter, the E-V-A is going to have to take third place,” says Bresnik.
Abigail Mae Bresnik was born on Sunday. Bresnik says his wife Rebecca and his new daughter have given him even more joy than walking in space.
Two other astronauts on board Space Shuttle Atlantis gave Rebecca their congrats on ABC News.
“Hey Rebecca, congratulations from Bobby and also it looks like we have Leland in the house here. Way to go Rebecca!”
This is only the second time in history that a NASA astronaut has become a father while in space.
Atlantis will remain at the International Space Station until Wednesday and will return to Earth on Friday.