Regents have voted against a proposal to restrict embryonic stem cell research

James B. Milliken, University of Nebraska PresidentUniversity of Nebraska to what was permitted under the Bush Administration. Ted Simmons argued against limiting research that could help people like his wife and daughter who suffered from Alzheimers.
“And a few years ago we found out that one of my Grandsons, who was 11 at the time had juvenile diabetes, these are just two of the diseases that might possibly be cured by embryonic stem cells.”
John Littles with Nebraskans United For Life was among those supporting the restriction.
“We’re standing up against the exansion of stem cells and the research derived from the killing of unique, unrepeatable human beings.”
The Regents voted 4-4 on the proposal, so the measure failed. NU President J.B. Milliken urged Regents to not limit the University any more than the federal government does.