Wednesday: Mello and Governor clear up comments

Debate on the floor the Legislature began Tuesday with multiple Senators criticizing comments by the Governor. State Senator Heath Mello of Omaha said the Governor was being critical of the Appropriations Committee in the comments the Governor made.
“One of my colleagues clarified on the record (Tuesday) that the Governor’s remarks were on Friday morning, but at the end of the day the fact that he made comments still suggesting that the legislature needs to come to its senses and not raise taxes, I don’t care if he said it Friday morning or he said it Monday morning it’s still the fact that the he was saying something that I don’t fully agree with and I want to know why he said what he said.”
Governor Heineman told us, he was only making general statements during a interview done before he had even seen the Committee’s budget recommendations.
“I got asked by a radio station last Friday and I generally shared my comments I’ve said all along that we need to address this $335 million dollar revenue shortfall by reducing spending, not by increasing taxes.”
The Governor says he was not implying that the legislature was trying to raise taxes. He says he agrees with 95 to 98 percent of the Appropriations Committee recommendations.