Gaffney teen gets life for violent home invasion, robbery

A Gaffney teen received life in prison Wednesday after a Cherokee County jury decided he was responsible for a violent home invasion and a related convenience store robbery that involved the theft of a large amount of money. 18 year old John Bonner was found guilty of first degree burglary, second degree burglary, and assault and battery of a high and aggravated nature. He was also convicted of kidnapping, grand larceny and armed robbery at the conclusion of the two day trial. Bonner is not eligible for parole. Bonner is one of eight people involved in the April 2, 2008 invasion of a home in Gaffney and the break-in of a near-by convenience store. Four of the men entered the home wearing bandannas over their faces demanded money, partially undressed the woman who owned the home and beat her until she gave them the keys to the store. The men entered the store and unwittingly tripped its alarm but not before taking $14,000 from the store and $5,000 and jewelry from the residence.
Prosecutors said Bonner developed the plan to commit the burglaries after watching a female employee of the business carry large amounts of money to the home at the close of business. Bonner is the last member of the group to be found guilty.