Clemson students hold town hall with President Barker

Clemson University President James Barker

Clemson University students held a town hall meeting to discuss issues with the president. The university’s president, that is. The students of Clemson’s media organizations hosted a town hall meeting Wednesday at the university with President James F. Barker on stage taking questions.
Patrick Neal, associate director for Student Media at Clemson University says the university’s media is made up of 2 newspapers, a radio station, a television station, yearbook and literary magazine and says this became a project early on.
“Early in the semester, as the school year began, the leaders of our respective groups wanted to do something to help inform the Clemson community about various and sundry things that are going on here at campus -from budget to parking to anything of concerns to students, faculty and staff.”
Neal said it was just a matter of lining things up. “We got in touch with President Barker and issued an invitation for him to come out and do a town hall event with us, with the Clemson community and he graciously accepted that.”
Members of the audience were  invited to ask questions on any university-related issue or concerns. “The institution has a lot of challenges.” says Neal.  ” We just felt this would be the opportune time to be the conduit by which President Barker could help enlighten members of our community about all the different things that are going on.”