Campbell: Give Graham chance to speak

Some South Carolina Republicans do not support Republican Senator Lindsey Graham for siding with Democrats when it comes to global warming for an energy bill, bailing out banks, and granting amnesty for illegal immigrants.
Charleston County Republicans voted to censure Senator Lindsey Graham for departing from the party’s values. But, in neighboring Berkeley County, Republican Senator Paul Campbell says he may not agree with Graham on some issues, but he does not think a censure should be issued. Listen here to Sen. Campbell’s comments
“People are after Lindsey because cap-and-trade. I totally completely disagree with him on this cap-and-trade issue because basically I’m not sure if global warming is occurring, I’m not sure if it didn’t stop 10 to 12 years ago. And, if all we do with cap-and-trade is run jobs out of the USA and run them to China, if you believe global warming is man-made, then basically we make it worse,” says Campbell.
Although Campbell is in opposition to Senator Grahams cap-and-trade position, he agrees with him on some other levels.
“But, Lindsey’s also got some good points. He wants to drill offshore South Carolina, he wants to go more nuclear power. So, don’t throw the baby out with the bath water. He’s wrong on the global warming, but he’s also correct on trying to drill, drill, drill now, he’s also correct in trying to expand nuclear power in South Carolina. And, he needs to explain his full position, I think we need to hear that before we decide if we are going to censure him or not,” says Campbell.
But Charleston County Republicans chose to issue that censure last week. Campbell says the Republican party needs to get on their feet.
“We’re becoming a socialist country and we need to stop that. Conservatives need to stand up and do more, and Lindsey’s wrong on one thing, but he’s right on the other thing,” says Campbell.
Campbell says the censure is premature without giving Graham a chance to speak.