Resolution to impeach Gov. Sanford in House Judiciary

Among the 51 bills prefiled for the 2010 legislative calendar, the one most closely watched for was H.4168, a resolution to impeach Gov. Mark Sanford for, as the bill reads,”serious misconduct in office.”
The resolution was filed today by Representatives Greg Delleney, Mike Pitts, Keith Kelly, and Gary Simrill. The resolution was then referred to the Judiciary Committee by House Speaker Bobby Harrell.  
In an official statement released soon after the filing,  Speaker Harrell said: “As we have consistently said before, the House should not take any official action until it receives the Ethics Commission’s investigative report so that we can address this issue knowing all the facts. Since, by Court order, the investigative report will be a public document once Governor Sanford receives it, I expect the committee to have access to that report.
Unless the investigation contains new information about serious crimes or serious misconduct by the governor, in my opinion, the information we have to date does not rise to a level to remove him from office. The Ethics Commission’s investigation will be used as the basis to determine whether or not the Governor’s actions rise to that level.”
The Ethics Committee report is expected between now and early December.