No down time for the Huskers

Saturday’s win at Kansas was another tough, grind it out type of win for the Huskers. The coaches thought that perhaps the defense was a little shoddy with their tackling at Bo Pelini said after the game, because of the physical battle they had with Oklahoma the week before. So, it was suggested by defensive coordinator Carl Pelini that perhaps the coaches would take it easy on the players, especially on the defensive side of ball. However, Bo had a much different take on how practice would go this week.
So the players were back on there yesterday working out in half pads for about 90 minutes and Pelini says every team is in the same boat as the Huskers are at this time of the year.
This will be an interesting matchup when you think of Big 12 teams. You think of the spread offense. You think of passing, but the Wildcats, much like the Huskers are all about ball control. For example, last week against Missouri, K-State was down 17-6 at the half. They held the ball for all, but four plays in that third quarter. They kicked a couple of field goals to get right back in the game. They then turned around and gave up an 80 yard touchdown pass, but what I saw in that game is a team that can grind it out with any team, but if they fall behind, its tough for them to put points up on the board. They do have a big play maker in wide receiver Brandon Banks who can burn you deep, but this week you may see more linebackers in for the Huskers instead of defensive backs…to help stop that run.
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