Conrad says Governor should apologize

***Governors spokeswoman Jen Rae Hein told KLIN news that the Governor made his comments on Friday
Governor Dave Heineman told our affiliate WNAX that he’s worried about the direction some legislators are taking the special session to address the budget shortfall. Heineman brought lawmakers back to Lincoln for the session that begin November 4th in an effort to cut some $335 million dollars from the state budget.
“I’m nervous. I hope they come to their senses and get it done properly,” he says.
Appropriations Committee member Jeremy Nordquist of Omaha tells us that he finds the governor’s criticism unfortunate.
“We’ve been working hard on his proposal, his proposal had many flaws as he introduced it, created a new tax taking commodity money from corn and wheat farmers and soybean farmers, we removed that.  He took money away from scholarship programs for low income Nebraskans, we restored a portion of that. There was some key pieces that we put in.”
Nordquist says that largely it’s still the Governor’s proposal at the end of the day. Nordquist says that he finds it unfortunate that as they try to work together to come up with a common sense solution for Nebraska the governor goes on the attack against state senators.
Appropriations Committee member Lincoln State Senator Danielle Conrad doesn’t understand the governor’s criticism. She tells us they are prohibited in this special session from raising taxes.
“Every member of the legislature has committed to that, and not a single tax increase has been introduced, so I challenge the Governor to find a single line item, a single agency, a single program, that the budgetary  proposal would result in higher taxes, because it just simply isn’t true.”
Conrad says that she thinks when the governor actually reads their proposal..he’ll see that’s true..and Conrad says that she hopes the Governor offers an apology for what she calls misguided statements.