Ludwig given no jail time

The man accused of slamming his Maserati through a home, killing the man inside was given no jail time.
John Ludwig Jr. pleaded guilty this morning to reckless homicide, a reduced charge from the previous one of murder, killing a man when he crashed his Maserati into the man’s home in April.
62-year-old Bill Bardsley was killed and his home was partially destroyed. Ludwig’s attorney said that his client was swerving to miss two deer and that his car had front suspension problems.
The prosecutor brought up Ludwig’s driving record of 24 violations and his going twice the speed limit, asserting that Ludwig deserves the maximum sentence of 10 years in prison.
After remorseful statements and character testimony, Judge James C. Williams Jr. gave the Upstate entrepreneur five years in prison- suspended to three years probation and a thousand hours community service.