Voters mailing in ballots in Gage County

Voter ballots on an $11.36 million dollar bond issue for a new jail and law enforcement center must be in the Gage County Clerk’s office by 5pm, Today. Residents are casting ballots in the first-ever, county-wide election through the mail.
If approved, the new jail would be built along Nebraska Highway four in west Beatrice. Some opponents have maintained the jail should remain at a site next to the courthouse. Gage County Corrections Director, Lieutenant Amber Mulberry says it’s not unusual in Nebraska for jails to be located some distance away from courts or courthouses.
Gage County’s current jail, just north of the courthouse, was built in the 1970s, and Mulberry says the inmate holding capacity is limited.
A new detention center, if approved in today’s vote would have an inmate capacity of 85.