Unclaimed tax refunds await 1,447 South Carolinians

The Internal Revenue Service (IRS) has released their annual undelivered refunds list.  Thousands of taxpayers nationwide, including 1,447 in South Carolina, are due refund money from the IRS.  IRS Spokesperson, Mark Hanson says, “We just remind taxpayers that there’s more than 1400 taxpayers in South Carolina who are due an average refund check of $957 right now.  It’s a lot of money.  It’s more than 1.3 million dollars.  So if this is your money, basically, you need to come and get it, or you could end up losing it,” he said. 
See the full list of South Carolinians who can claim refunds.
Hanson says that all a taxpayer has to do is update his or her address. “The IRS just reminds people that if your name is on this list, the best way to get your money is to fill out a change of address form.  It’s a form 88-22.  You can download it at IRS.gov, or you can call an 1-800-TAX-FORM and have one sent to you.
“The statute of limitations for an undelivered refund is three years.  So, taxpayers would have three years to claim that money before it’s basically the property of the U.S. Treasury,” Hanson says.
The vast majority of checks mailed out by the IRS each year reach their rightful owner. 
The average undeliverable refunds rose by 16 percent this year.”Each year the IRS recognizes that there are a number of individuals out there who did not get their federal income tax refund because the refund check comes back to us as undeliverable.  The post office was unable to deliver it because there was an error with the address.  So what we do is we put this list together.  We provide it to media outlets around the country, because the media outlets give us a great avenue to try and reach those people,” Hanson said.