Sanford insists he's not trying to block full ethics report

Governor Mark Sanford says there is a misunderstanding concerning the Supreme Court case where justices last week ruled that the court won’t intervene into Sanford’s ethics investigation.

Sanford Presser

Gov. Mark Sanford

Sanford had argued that no material from the Ethics Commission report should be released before the Commission’s full report on his case is released.
Some observers question if Governor Sanford court case might have been a tactic to stall the possibility of impeachment. Following an Education Department budget hearing Friday, Sanford stated that he was not trying to block release of the Ethics Commission’s full report.
“No. This is what’s very much misunderstood,” said Sanford.  “What we have said is just let them complete their work and release it to the world.  What’s not understood about the ethics process is this preliminary report, this back and forth, is nothing more than a finding of the headlines that you’ve seen in recent months.  The public is not served by a rehash of the headlines.” 
Sanford says his point has been that his case should not be a political football.  He says the people of South Carolina deserve a complete review of his case. 
“It’s also important,” said Sanford, “to the sanctity of the ethics process, that the commission be allowed to complete the process.”  
The Supreme Court’s decision stated that the governor’s agreement to waive confidentiality applies to nearly everything in the case generated by the Ethics Commission.
The court’s decision does not prevent Sanford from taking other direct legal action to stop the ethics commission from releasing preliminary findings.