Pet oxygen masks supplied to SC fire departments

Lowcountry fire departments team up with a Charleston woman to help save the lives of pets who are often defenseless in a fire.
Janet Fincannon has five cats. “I just love animals,” says Fincannon.Small, medium, large masks
And with the love of her cats and love for other pets, Fincannon has raised more than $1,500 in donations and partnered with Invisible Fence, a pet fence company, to provide local fire departments with sets of oxygen masks when a fire devastates a home.
“To lose a home with a fire would be very tragic, and to lose a pet would just be unthinkable. So, if a fire department has these pet oxygen masks on their fire trucks they will be able to save a pet’s life,” says Fincannon.
In 2006 more than 40,000 pets died in fires, mostly due to smoke inhalation. Fincannon says some may lose material possessions in a fire, but with these masks, they could save the life of a furry loved one.
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