Graham Gitmo amendment voted down

Sen. Lindsay Graham

The U.S. Senate voted down Senator Lindsey Graham’s amendment barring 9/11 terrorists from federal district court.  What’s known as the Graham Amendment would have prohibited the Obama Administration from trying anyone accused of plotting the 9/11 attacks on America in federal district court. Graham supports the use of military commissions instead. U.S. Senator Lindsey Graham stated after the Senate voted down the Graham Amendment 54-45, that he “was very disappointed.”
Graham says that trying 9/11 terrorists, in civilian court gives them the same constitutional rights American citizens enjoy. He added that civilian trials will also place our own national security at risk.
“The people of Gitmo are not accused of robbing a liquor store. They’re accused of taking up arms against the country. That’s a big difference,” Graham said.
Senator Graham continued blasting the Obama administration over its handling of Guantanamo Bay. Graham told Fox News that he has a challenge for the administration.
“So, my challenge to the administration is: We’ve reformed the military commissions. Embrace using them. Tell us what your plan is. Where are we going to put these detainees? How are we going to try them? What constitutional rights will they be given?” Senator Graham said.