MUSC students will train to give H1N1 vaccinations

The H1N1 virus may not be widespread in South Carolina, but it still lingers. Because of this, DHEC is set to train MUSC students as vaccinators. DHEC will train junior and senior dental students at the Medical University of South Carolina Friday to prepare them to assist in public health needs in the community for the H1N1 virus. MUSC says the training is necessary due to the severity of the H1N1 virus spreading through the country. South Carolina and Hawaii are the only two states where the virus is not widespread, but it is still in the state.
The President’s Council of Advisors on Science and Technology says up to 50 percent of American citizens could eventually be infected by the H1N1 virus. The College of Dental Medicine sees Friday’s vaccination training as a way to give back. MUSC reports an inter-professional, public health-vaccination module was developed where the health department and university faculty will provide students and residents the training they need to administer the vaccinations.