H1N1 vaccine arriving very slowly

Even though many South Carolina residents have already received the H1N1 flu vaccine, many people are waiting for their turn, and people are frustrated at the lack of available vaccines for themselves and their loved ones.
A Midlands mother who asked for her name to be withheld, says she has been trying for weeks to get one of the shots for her daughter, a teen with a pre-existing pulmonary disease. Those with pulmonary disease are considered high risks for the H1N1 virus.
The concerned mother says she makes calls to the child’s doctor’s office daily but is told that none has arrive from the distributor.
In the meantime, she says they do what they can to avoid danger.  “We’ve isolated my daughter,”  she said, “and all of us wash our hands a lot, and we try to avoid crowds.”
Until the teen receives a vaccine for the virus, she was go to school at home.  “She’s on home bound right now, has been for a few weeks,” said the mother, “and even after she receives the vaccine, it will be two more weeks before she can return to school, because it takes a few weeks for immunity to build up.”
The Midland’s resident says several of her friends with sick family members were also told they would be fast-tracked for the vaccine, but she says so far none is available. 
“I’m very disappointed in the way this has rolled out,” she said.  “We had been told we would be in the front of the line for the shot, because she’s a pediatric patient with a lung disease, and it has been a huge disappointment.” 
DHEC officials say as of a couple of days ago, 40 million doses of the vaccine had been pledged by distributors, but only 32 million had been distributed. But officials say the supply should catch up during the month of November.