McLeod, Haley chastise Barrett Gitmo letter to president

A  group of South Carolina Republicans in Congress are asking President Barack Obama to remove the state from being considered to house 10 terror suspects for military trial. Read letter to White House.
This is a day after the state attorney general, in response to being asked to weigh in on the issue, said South Carolina’s national lawmakers have the real power to fight the president’s decision to send such detainees to U.S. bases. He added that they had the chance to fight this earlier.
Congressman Gresham Barrett is one of those asking administration leaders to keep the Charleston Navy Brig off of the list. He also asked every candidate to sign a request letter to the President.
Democratic candidate Mullins McLeod’s response letter included, “With all due respect, I’d request that you take your letter and shove it.
In times of war, our duty as Americans is to pull together and do our part to secure victory.No one wants suspected terrorists on our soil while they await their richly-deserved punishment. But when the President asks us to do our part in the international war on terrorism, the only appropriate response from this or any state’s Governor is “Yes Sir, Mr. President.”
Republican State Representative Nikki Haley also lashed out at Barrett her own public response letter saying: “However, calling on candidates for Governor to join you in a letter to President Obama, rather than asking your colleagues in Congress – who are actually in a position to prevent this potentially dangerous situation – to do the same, strikes me as little more than political grandstanding.”