Big Red Report–Watson will be on the sidelines

Husker offensive coordinator Shawn Watson met with the media after practice yesterday, and he said when it comes to preparing for the OU defense, all options are open including using both freshmen Cody Green and senior Zac Lee.
I hope he was just humoring the person who asked that question. I’ve never been a big fan of rotating quarterbacks…I’ve never seen that work with consistent success, neither quarterback can get into a rhythm, and it has to be hard for the other ten players around them adapting to different styles. However, don’t be lulled into believing this Oklahoma team is not that good because they have three losses. Those losses have come to BYU, Miami and Texas by a combined five points. Watson certainly not taking the OU defenses lightly. As you’ll hear him explain, the key for the offense will be keeping the game manageable, especially in third down situations.
To help keep NU in those manageable situations, Watson explains why he is going to be down on the sidelines for Cody Green and not up in the box calling plays. So while Watson is on the sidelines, he’ll rely heavily on assistants Tim Beck and Ted Gilmore with assisting on the play calling from the box.
Listen to Shawn Watson on the Big Red Report