Tenenbaum travels to Asia with "no lead" message

The US Consumer Product Safety Improvement Act of 2008 laid down the law for toy safety, including imports from other countries.
Part of that law deals with with the danger of leaded paint in toys. The new lead content law requires that products intended for children 12 years old and younger cannot contain more than 300 parts per million of lead in any accessible part.
Consumer Product Safety Commission Chair Inez Tenenbaum, previously Superintendent of Education for South Carolina schools, has recently toured Asian countries to talk to officials and business leaders about the new US requirements. Her most recent trips took her to China, Hong Kong, Singapore and Vietnam.
Tenenbaum says her experience with the Asian manufacturers is that they want to comply with the new law.
“We found that foreign governments were willing and trying to understand our new law,” said Tenenbaum.  “With more education from the Consumer Product Safety Commission there will be fewer and fewer imports that don’t meet our standard.”
Tenenbaum says third-party approval is required.  The products have to be tested before they’re imported.